5 Actionable Tips On Utility Marketing

Another great way to make money online is by using utility marketing. Today we are going to discuss how utility marketing can help your business. And show you how you can get started right away.

The marketing strategy is in place, and you are pleased that you are beginning to see that you are attracting some customers. But now that you have enticed them to your business how do you hold onto them?

Let’s Get Started

The first task is to check and make sure visitors can find your product or services. And then after they see you turn them into customers. While simultaneously making sure your brand stands out and is still producing a positive feeling and emotional response from current customers.

marketing strategyJust be aware that you might have the perfect marketing strategy in place and yet you aren’t engaging with people. One reason for this is that people might not be in a buying mood. Or maybe they don’t want to be bothered with your advertisements.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t engage with them. One way to start a conversation would be is to not begin with a sales pitch. Instead, interact with them on a different level by offering them some incentive that is useful to them. The key here is to provide them with something of value, and that keeps true to your brand.

To clarify keeping true to your brand would be if you are in business selling camping equipment. You could offer them an app for seasonal camping rates around the country. Can you see how that falls in the realm of camping equipment?

Utility marketing is a way to increase your brand’s value and reputation by not selling them anything, but the app your offering has relevance with your business. And you are indirectly targeting customers interested in camping.

You are discovering how your customers’ interests and habits mingle with your brand’s identity and personality and how to promote products or services that are helpful to people.

Depending on the type of business you’re in the list can grow from there. You could provide how-to videos for camping. Create a checklist for every item a person would need for specific camping trips. Or how to have a safe camping trip.

sale signThe goal here is not to make sales instantly. It’s about creating a customer base that will think about your business often. Also, leads a customer to a better understanding and opinion of your brand. So in they buy from you more often over the long haul.

The second task for implementing utility marketing is doing your research to find out who your target audience is. Do you know your audience? How would you describe them?

When we are talking about camping the audience might be people 18-80 age group. They are people who love the out of doors. And they are looking for helpful content, tips, and equipment related to their interests.

Once you have an understanding of your target audience, learn how you can relate products or brand that fit that audience — for example, outdoor clothing, camping gear, or other related sporting goods associated with camping.

dart board target

You are keeping in mind the products and services they use and how you can relate to those interests. Asking yourself do they want camping clothing? Are they interested in seasonal camping rates? Also, what type of sporting goods would interest them?

At this point, it is essential to provide the experience through your content that meets customer’s needs. Don’t try to pitch a sales pitch; you’re offering them something of value that is related to your brand identity.


Let us figure out if your business is ready for utility marketing by asking yourself some questions.

Winning Tactics

1. Are your business goals are to create a solid customer base that will be long-term supporters of your brand?

2. Do you know how stable your brand identity is? Does it still need work?

3. Do you know your target audience?

4. What are their lifestyles?

5. Where do your customers live? (demographics)

6. Do you know what your customer interests are?

7. Do you know your marketing budget?

8. Are you investing money, time, and energy into advertisements/ or your business website?

10. Do you have enough to invest in an app or a website?

By attacking the questions above will prepare you for utility marketing. If you can’t answer all the questions above, you might want to wait to do utility marketing.

Utility marketing can be an added source for making more money. But get sorted out first. Do you think that you would like to add utility marketing in the future? Start now prepping your business by researching your target audience and solidifying your brand identity. Utility marketing is an excellent way to expand your brand’s reach.

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