6 Sales Strategy Ideas

Here Is What You Should Do To Make Your First Sale

There are some vital steps you will need to consider before making your first sale. First, you must prepare and position your product or service to make the sale. Here are 6 sales strategy ideas that will help lay the groundwork.

Let us pretend for a moment that you have invented a software product that creates a passive income with little to no work. You have tested the software for its reliability and performance. And with each test, your software has lived up to your expectations through each trial.

The next step you would be is to find out if people would be interested in your new software. Are people interested in passive income software? And are they willing to invest their hard earned money to buy your passive income software?

Some questions you have already answered. For example, does the software work? The answer is yes. You’ve tested it, and the software does the job as you claim, which brings us to another question. How will customers embrace your innovative passive income software? You know that your product is unique to the market but how will you ensure it will be successful?

The only way to learn how to answer those questions is to make your first sale. Those early sales you are going to have to ask for feedback.

That is the only way that you are going to discover how customers feel about your software. And then collecting that information given by reviews and comments will provide you with clues on what and how to improve your passive income software.

Sample Sales Strategy

Laying the groundwork for your first sale might seem like the last step of the process after you’ve launched your business, but without customers, you don’t have a business. Don’t you agree?

Before you make your first dollar, you have to discover how you can connect with your customers. Without a connection, you aren’t going to make sales.

Your first sale is the beginning of building your brand publicity, finding out how your customers are responding to your product and if you are targeting the right audience.

What Makes You Different

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All the data that you gather in the beginning is crucial customer insights to make adjustments for long term success. Before any of this can happen, you must first establish the value proposition of your product to the customer as to why customers should buy from you.

The way you do this is to focus on how your passive income software helps people. Considering your value proposition isn’t targeting features of your software. But figuring out how to make your brand and product differentiate from your competitors.

The value proposition should include all the benefits laid out on what makes your software unique in all your communications with consumers. Next, you need to create a website so visitors can learn about passive income software.

Once inside the site, they should see your business value and what you provide potential customers. You do this by creating a landing page. After they come to your landing page be sure that it is clear and to the point and easy to navigate.

Create A Great Landing Page

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The best way to create a great landing page is to think about your page as a greeting page. Here is where you are going to make the first impression with your visitor. Taking into account what brought them to your site in the first place.

Potential customers who land there are looking for answers to their problems. Making it easy for them to find their answers and what calls to action are relevant to them.

Also, keep in mind that people browse on many types of smart devices these days. So optimizing your site for desktop and mobile devices is essential. More people shop on their smartphones than any other smart device.

Get Started With Advertising Your Business

Ok, you’ve launched your website, you’ve optimized it. Now you are ready to start advertising. You have a variety of choices to choose that range from displaying ads on social media, paid advertisements, or taking advantage of free advertising.

Any of the previously mentioned advertisements will work. But I have learned that starting, in the beginning, to make initial sales social media works extremely well.


You start by getting in touch with people who are already socializing with you. And then letting them know about your new business venture. You will find out pretty quickly that your friends are more than willing to help you.

By joining other groups on social media platforms that have the same interests as you. Social media platforms like Pinterest, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on.

And don’t forget to monitor the social media channels your target audience interacts with the most. Making sure your brand is current and actively participating on those platforms you’ve chosen.

Moreover, watching other competitive companies on these social media platforms, taking notes on what they are doing to be successful. And learning from their marketing strategies where they are falling short and taking advantage of how you can improve your marketing to do it better.

Free Advertisements

Social media is only one of the ways to advertise. You have several other free marketing strategies that can generate free media coverage apart from social media. You can target your audience by listing your product on Google Shopping. All you have to do is sign up.

Google Shopping, targets the audience interested in products similar to yours, on comparison shopping websites, and features your product for people looking for the best deal. The best part is all you have to do is sign up with Google Shopping.

I’m sure by now you probably you are coming up with some ideas of your own by now. Let me share another tip for getting free advertising. You’ve probably have seen some popular sites and magazines that are in your industry.

Another way to get free advertising is to contact those industry leaders. Introduce yourself and ask them if they would feature your product or service on their website.

Go ahead and send them a free sample to let them try your product or service when they finished testing your product or service ask for a review.

Engage with online industry forums and attend trade shows. Participate in any topics or trade shows relevant to your industry audience.


Keep in mind as you are thinking about making your first sale. I am going to provide you with a list to check off as you go through the process. So you don’t accidentally miss a step. Are you ready?

1. Describe your product or service value proposition.

2. Make a landing page that is easy to understand and navigate.

3. Explore your target audience social media actions.

4. Optimizing your website for mobile.

5. Contact popular websites, magazines, blogs in your industry.

6. Engage in industry forums or topics relevant to your industry.

Well, there you are! Your first look at what to do to make your first sale. You must take steps to prepare, position, and plan for the purchase.

I’ve shown you some tips on how to get started and win your first sale. I hope I was able to shed some light as well as give you some ideas. Best wishes for your success!

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