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Welcome to the “Best Home Based Business To Start.”

My name is Kevin, and I’m happy to make your acquaintance.

My website is for the person that is looking for a business that they can start. That doesn’t have a lot of money or technical training to start a business. It’s for the individual that wants to control their time and destiny. Wants to have a business that can give them the freedom to work from their home or anywhere there is an internet connection.

More importantly, I’m going to share with you the best home based business to start for the same amount of money that you would pay for a health club membership.


Kevin the administratorI live in the United States, and I’m getting close to retirement. Most of my friends have inquired about what I was planning to do after I retire. I told them at the time; I didn’t know. They asked if I was going to get a part-time job at one of the big hardware stores or be a greeter at Walmart.

Thinking about those questions and ideas didn’t seem appealing to me. I knew I wanted to do something but what? So I sat down and wrote down a list of things and started a bucket list. At the top of my list was traveling. I have moved around most of the eastern part of the U.S. but not so much beyond the Mississippi River. So I knew I wanted to see places west of the Mississippi.

Funny how your bucket list begins to grow and grow when you start thinking about all the places you want to see. And you begin to imagine what it is going to take to do all those things. At the top of that list was “money and freedom.” Everyone wants to do those types of things, but the bottom line is it takes money.

Also, if you have a job the freedom to take off becomes limited. You know having to submit a request for time off. Heck, when you retire, you shouldn’t have to request time off. So the second item on my list is something I could do no matter where I was in the country.

I began my search for a career that I could do where I controlled my time and how much money I wanted to make. Can you imagine finding something that you enjoy doing and having the option to make as little or as much money as you wanted?

Sounds too good to be true. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a home-based business that does exist. Moreover, it offers all these things, I mentioned above, and it is called “The Wealthy Affiliate.”


Achieve all of your dreams that you have on your bucket list. My goal is to educate and support you and share all my experiences with you so you can become as successful as you want to be.

I’m committed to helping other people that felt the same way I do. The ones that were working on bettering their lifestyles but didn’t have the money for a business venture. The technical training to create and run an online business. I am giving you the much-needed support to continue on your journey. Moreover, the freedom to develop an activity that you feel passionate about starting.

I am going to give you all the tools you need to start. You can check it out for free for a limited time. And when you feel confident that the program has everything you were searching. You have the opportunity to get even more training and support.


The Wealthy Affiliate Platform works for all walks of life. I want to express to you as forcefully as I can that WA is NOT


To be a success with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, as an Affiliate, you are going to have to put in the work to reap the rewards. And it will work for anyone, no matter what level of expertise they have. Over the years experience has taught me that finding a job you love, usually don’t pay a lot, or you find a job you hate but pays well. It is tough to find a job that you love and pays well. Don’t you agree?


I want to help you become successful. I have to admit to you that I do not know everything there is to online marketing. That doesn’t mean I can’t help you find the answers to your questions. The one perk available to all of us here at Wealthy Affiliate is community support. There are over a million associates that are easily accessible to help with any questions that might arise.

I started my online marketing business only a couple of years ago. When I became a member, I had no idea how to start a business online. I didn’t know anything about creating a website for making money. Moreover, my computer skills were, to say the least not up to par.

I can tell you that from my experience thus far that my knowledge has grown leaps and bounds since my inception into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. And yours will too.


The goal of this website is to provide a resource for anyone who wants to learn how to start an online business. Create a site that is target specific for making an income. Also, extensive technical training for running and maintaining an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has the tools for creating and building an excellent website for your business. And provide the ongoing support and advice for you to overcome any obstacles that come your way.


If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you.

Best wishes for your success,




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