How To Build A Niche Website

OK! You’ve decided on a niche’ for your business. Are you ready to build your niche’ website? A lot of people get pretty nervous at this point but don’t worry it is a lot easier than you imagine. If you can point and click, you are halfway there.

Let’s Get Started

I like you I knew I wanted to have a business online, but had no clue on where to start. And like you went online to see what was available to help me do this.

What I found were tons of places that looked quite promising. After investigating the sites, I found most fell short of the mark.

Most offered to get started making a website for a nominal fee for the first or second year. Then after that, the charge went up considerably from there.

And that was just for the website and hosting. The sites didn’t include any other training which I desperately needed to succeed without additional fees until I came across the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

The Complete Platform

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is a comprehensive online marketing course. You’ll get a five-phase fifty-course entrepreneur online certification program.

The courses show you how to choose a niche’ if you don’t have one. Show you every step how to build a niche’ website and train you on how to maintain a profitable site.

I am going to show with you how you can build a professional website in thirty seconds for free. You have two choices here for creating a site. The first is a free website, and the other is buying your domain.

30 second website build

No matter your choice the SiteRubix Platform is a complete professional creation website builder. You are using state-of-the-art software for site creation.

You will be able to do it all from Site Rubix. That is available to you when you become a member of WA.

Here you can go to Site Rubix and click on Site Domains and build and host up to two websites as a starter member. Or opt for the Premium Membership which hosts up to twenty-five websites.

No matter which direction you choose to do, you will not have to go anywhere else for site creation or training — all the tools you need for building a total of fifty websites.

Note: if you already have a website(s) it is easy to move them over to Site Rubix Platform as a Premium Member.


1. Choose a Niche’ Domain Name

Choosing your niche’ domain is the direction you want to go with your website. You can find out if the Domain is available by going to the Site Rubix Platform.

Enter your website name into Site Rubix, and in seconds the Platform will let you know if a { .net} is available.

Note: is the most common on the internet, but .com .net .org selection depends on the type of website you plan to build.

2. Next, choose your site name. Here is an example of how it will look.

example domain name

3. Pick a Website Theme Design

You have a choice of over thirty thousand website theme designs. Pick a site theme design that you think will best display your brand and what you are marketing.

web design sheet

Also, don’t worry if you choose a theme and after a time you are not happy. Just go back to the Site Rubix Platform and select and install a new one.

4. Site Rubix

Provides you with all the state-of-the-art tools for creating and developing your new business website.

There is nothing out there online that offers these tools all in one place.

One Stop Website Builder

Site Rubix is a one-stop business website builder for all website skill levels. It is a place where you can take your idea and make it a reality in a matter of seconds.

You can build your site and be up and running on the internet in a matter of a few hours. Wealthy Affiliate then provides you with the latest training and support to develop and maintain a profitable website.

By using the available training materials such as;

online courses and tools

And when you get stuck and have any questions, you can use the live chat area or submit issue(s) to the Wealthy Affiliate community for immediate help.

By becoming a member of WA, you will leave nothing to chance. You will have access to everything you need to help you get your business off and running no matter your experience level.


There are a variety of sites you can see on the internet. That promises to give you all you need to build your online business.

They get you in the door for a little cost and after a year or two raise the prices to maintain your business. I got caught up with this marketing strategy.

I joined one of those sites that said I could build a website for $.99. And after a year the domain and host fee went up considerably. I must admit I failed to read the fine print at the bottom!

I hope you don’t fall into this situation, but if you do you can move your current websites over to Site Rubix without any difficulty at all.

Today’s technology makes it extremely easy to build a website. There are drag and drop website builders or premade website templates where you add your marketing information.

I must admit to you that I am a little prejudice about website builders because I’ve been on both sides of the fence.

And believe that the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is the most comprehensive sites online. I think you will too. I would love to hear what website builder you are using and how it is working out for you.

Leave your questions or comments below, if you would like to contact me here is the link;



23 comments on “How To Build A Niche Website

  1. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative Kevin. It is not easy to establish a website but it is definitely possible and Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways where you can learn that. I will share this with my friends and hope they will not miss this great opportunity.

    • Hello, Daniel, I’m happy the article helped you. I appreciate you sharing the information with others who you think might benefit. If I can be of any assistance in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me.



  2. Thank you for sharing. When I am searching for a product or service, I say to myself I wish there was a comprehensive website because most of what I find falls short as you mention in your article. A niche is just an interest and chances are that if you are interested in something, there are others who are as well. The tricky part is knowing how to create the website, and it seems Wealthy affiliate solves that problem. It is worth looking into if you are interested in turning your interests into an opportunity.

  3. When I started doing online business, I joined SiteRubix for they would help me to build my first website. They did provide me with the best hosting platform to start my online business. They offered training, and they made still making sure my site is secure all I’m saying SiteRubix is the best place, to begin with when you want to build your online business.

    • Hello, Charles, I agree that Site Rubix is a great place to start. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Site Rubix website creation is indeed a comprehensive training course. 



  4. Hi, thank you for taking out your time to enlighten us on this issue. A lot of people have been misleading and made a lot of mistakes because they didn’t have the right information and guidance. I build my blog site using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and it has been amazing ever since. It is evident one of the best out there.


    • Hello, Sammy, You are correct! I’m convinced the Wealthy Affiliate Platform offers the best training to online marketing bar none. 



  5. I totally I agree with you, the wealthy affiliate is the best out there.

    All websites built with wealthy affiliate are powered by WordPress, a highly used platform, due to its efficiency and easy to navigate.

    My first website, I used GoDaddy for my domain name and built it on Blogspot.

    These platforms were so limiting, the number of templates available to be used on Blogspot was minimal.

    With wealthy affiliate, you have more than 3000 incredible templates and 1 million free images for premium members.

    Awesome deal.

  6. Thanks for such an informative post. I’m entirely new to Affiliate Marketing, and with Wealthy Affiliate, I believe I am on the right boat. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get trained on how to build your website, create a niche and set up a site in no time. The benefits are endless. Similarly, I have seen websites that charge very high to get domain and hosting. 

    • Hello, Mikay, I’m happy you found value in the post. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is, in my opinion, to be the best online marketing courses out there on the internet. 



  7. Thank you for sharing this great information on how to build a website with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ve explained how easy it can be to create a website niche from scratch.

    As you mention, many of us want to create a website or start a business online, and we do not know where to start. It happened to me for a long time, until luckily I found Wa and now I am learning how to create my website niche, and with all the training and support from the community, it became more natural for me to achieve.

    I do recommend WA.

  8. You have certainly put all to make your post better understood by any newbie who aspires to set up a website. Website design sounds scary, and I use to think you have to get a website engineer to set it up who only know the technical know-how of web designing. I was proved wrong with WA; I was able to create my very own site, whoa, it still amazes me how I went about it; the training indeed has been fundamental to my achievement. It’s excellent you listed every step that needs to be taken to set up a website, and a lot out there who will be a privilege to read your post will find it easy. Nevertheless, siteRubix works perfect, and I know quite a lot who hang on and get ranked. For many like me who would want an identity, then having your own domain would be perfect. I want to conclude your post is detailed and well explained and I am glad you mentioned WA as the best training platform to set up an online business. Great post, thanks. 

    • Hello, Stella, Thanks for such a  thorough comment. I couldn’t have expressed it so well myself. I appreciate your time to respond and lend your thoughts on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I think it is the best out there for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing. 



  9. When I was contemplating having a website, I thought I needed to have a specialized computer programming skills to be able to build a website. However, when introduced to the wealthy affiliate platform, I discovered that anybody at all could create a site with ease. The training that offered is one of the best you can find. The owners are kind, and the technical support is second to none. I will not hesitate to recommend wealthy affiliate platform to anyone desiring to own online business.

    • Hello, Seth, Thanks for commenting. Your comment hits the mark for anyone wanting to learn to do business online. 



  10. I have been building websites for many years now and the one thing that stands out at Wealthy Affiliate, are all the tools that are available to not only develop your site but to help keep it up to date and current, the hosting in my view is first class as is the support.

    I call Wealthy Affiliate the one stop shop for building any niche website.

    Wealthy affiliate never stands. Still, there are always new tools being developed to make the building of niche website ever more straightforward. 


    • Hello, Barry, I agree the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is ever evolving as the online marketing climate changes. To meet the challenges of maintaining a profitable website. 



  11. I have been in WA for more than a month already, but I have not completed the training course yet. I was able to build my website, but I have not made any content yet. I have a concern about changing the name of my site. Can I change it even if I’ve already set it up?

    • Hello, Ohmyjean, It depends on the website. I think you can download the site.  I think you would have to start over. And then migrate it over the website over to the new name. I never had to do this so I would have to investigate this further and get back to you. 



  12. Thanks for the really thorough run-down on creating a niche website. I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for a little over three months now and I have to say you are 100% on the ball with your description of it. The training is fantastic and the Siterubix platform is second to none when it comes to ease of use and customizable options. Anyone looking to start an online business would do well to take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I know it has been incredibly rewarding to me so far!

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