How to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

I wanted to share with you an experience I had a few years ago when I tried to buy a domain name and hosting. I can tell I become overwhelmed at first. There are a lot of website builder and host companies on the web. Here is what I learned.

In a previous post titled Google Sniper 3.0, I explained that Google Sniper 3.0 provided a website. The website was generic, and I was assigned a tracking number attached to the site. A tracking number is how Google Sniper and you track commissions and visitors that land on your site.

I Need A Website

What if the online business you wish to affiliate with, or the business you want to start doesn’t offer a website to use? And you need a site to start your new business venture. Where can you go to get the best deal?

In today’s post, I am going to share with you a few places that can help you find a domain name and a host. Also, I will show a breakdown of the three companies that I am familiar, so you will have a better understanding of which plan might work for you.

True Websites and Hosting Fees Vary

When I first decided to build a website, I went online to find a company that provided all the website builder tools. I found three companies,, and

I wasn’t familiar with or, but I did recognize From the advertisements on television. The ad said I could buy a domain for $0.99 and that sounded great.

Here is GoDaddy’s

So I typed in the browser to check out the deals. The $0.99 ad is what attracted me to use But I wanted a.Com domain because it is the most recognized. GoDaddy’s.COM domain is a little more money.

To get a. COM it was $2.99 with required two-year purchase. And $17.99 billed for the second year, but this fee was only for the.COM

To build my business website, I needed to buy a package, that had all the elements to develop and manage a profitable site.

When you go to GoDaddy, they offer four price plans — tailored to your needs depending on the type of website you want. Here is a breakdown of the four programs. Price plans start at from $.99 plus.

godaddy price plans

GoDaddy sells a lot of domains. They spend an enormous amount of money advertising, and if you watched the Superbowl, you’ve seen the ads. GoDaddy does an excellent job of marketing their business.

The ads let you believe that you can get started for free, no credit card needed. And then charge you, depending on the plan a nominal fee after that annually.

Each plan is specially designed, with web building tools for your particular online business. GoDaddy offers a low initial cost started and agreeing to mandatory two-year commitment.

Loss Leader Marketing Strategy

This type of domain and website marketing is called a “Loss Leader.” GoDaddy doesn’t make as much money on the front end but recovers its revenue later after the second year.

Many companies use this type of freemium marketing to get you in the door. Then when you are involved bombard you with all the upgrades to reach where you wanted to go in the first place.

Here is offers three price plans for online businesses. Each has its merits similarly to GoDaddy with subtle differences. Price plans start at $4.99 to $16.99. price plans host


The Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate benefitsDomain cost => $13.99 / yr.

Renewal cost => $13.99 / yr.

Privacy Protection => included

Email Acct. => included

Upsells => None

Flat Rate Guarantee => Yes

Total for the year => $13.99 / yr.


The domain and hosting companies listed above are just a few that are available to you. There are much more online. No matter which one of these companies you feel is right for you.

Please promise me that you will consider how these plans will impact your business. And when you get ready to make your final decision to read the fine print.

All the extra expense you might incur to getting your website up and running. Pricing plans do run the gamut from no cost to start, to a nominal fee after your initial registration.

I created my online business website with GoDaddy but later found The Wealthy Affiliate Platform. And I moved my GoDaddy website over to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to transfer any site over to their Platform. And for me, it just made economic sense. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform has all the web builder tools for a low fee.

If you have any questions or would like to comment, please leave them below.

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30 comments on “How to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

  1. Hi Kevin, I think that this article can be of great help for my students as I don’t know why some folks complicate the case of purchasing a domain name when it is simple. My favorite hosting company is GoDaddy, and their prices are fantastic, I would recommend them to all people who want to buy or sell domains or websites.

    • Hello, Daniel, I’m glad you are happy with GoDaddy. Personally needed a one-stop shop for building my website. 



  2. Being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to all the pieces of training and the live webinars that I can go back anytime if I need to.

    There is no upsell here, and the fee is affordable considering that it has a lot to offer.

    Training, technical support, and community support  24/7.

    I”m almost one year as a member and I’m here to stay.


  3. Yay, wealthy affiliate all the way.

    I have never heard of name dot com before.

    I initially started with GoDaddy too but once I found the wealthy affiliate, a platform which gives you training, continuous support and a possibility of hosting 50 websites, switching over was a no brainer.

    And so far the best decision I have made in my online business career.

    Awesome and honest review.

    • Hello, Etah, Your welcome Etah, We both agree that the Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn online marketing.



  4. I have purchased a domain name from GoDaddy, and shortly after the purchase I realized I had no idea how to utilize it, it was a waste of money. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can purchase the domain and then take advantage of the training and education that is offered to put that investment into action to accomplish your goals. 

    • Hello, Lee, Haha! Yea, I started the same way. I too needed a comprehensive training platform to accomplish my business goals. And I found that the Wealthy Affiliate Platform provided everything I needed to become successful as an online marketer.



  5. I will say while I was getting my website started I didn’t face the hurdles like you. Reason being I was lucky to have found the wealthy affiliate. I have seen in your blog that the Wealthy Affiliate is one of the places you can get a domain so for me I will say the Wealthy Affiliate is the best for that. I have been using, and I have not used any other so for me the Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to get your domain.

    • Hello, Charles, I’m glad you found the Wealthy Affiliate Platform first in your journey to create a website and market online. I agree with you!



  6. Yes, that’s great that you used that platform to build on🏡 it’s an excellent foundation for business for any startup I believe. Even brick and mortar needs something to host on or somewhere to do so — a must for every small business for the guidelines recommended by industry standards. 

  7. Hello Kevin

    When I decided to get my website, it was a scam. Of course, I was the stupid one and did the research after. That is what brought me to WA. I love it, so much help. You are right though just like Namecheap, there are a lot of sites out there that will help you get started. Namecheap is where I got my domain and moved it to WA, very easy to do. You will never find web hosting or a community like WA. Thank you for the excellent information.

    • Hello, Kara, Yes, I fell into this too. And I like you are happy that I found the Wealthy Affiliate Platform to help me build my business. 



  8. I would certainly agree with you on Wealthy Affiliates being the best.  They truly make things easier for you.  When I first started, I knew next to nothing computer wise.  I can honestly say I feel confident now thanks to Wealthy Affiliates.  I purchased my membership and am so glad I did.  Your article is very informative and exciting!


    • Hello, Michelle, I agree with your comment! I’m glad you found the information in my post helpful. Best wishes for your success! I’m a Premium Member an I’m happy to be here too. 



  9. I have been looking out for the best domain hosting companies that would host my site at affordable rates and was finding difficulty making a decision. The good ones as described by some websites have steep monthly fees and as you shared; if I am to put the loss leader marketing strategy into consideration, I may be in for a shocker, with many unavoidable upgrade demands.

    I will stick with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate because if it makes economic sense to you, it should do the same for me. I appreciate your post for its precise and concise information on buying a domain name and hosting.

  10. A few years ago, I made my first web site on my PC using HTML codes. Now with a few mouse clicks, I can create a great looking WordPress website.

    Godaddy has a cheap com domain on the first year but upgrades after are $17.99. It’s the same with Name domains.

    So far as  I see from your review Wealthy Affiliate have the cheapest prices for com domains.

    I assume that hosting is included in this price too or it’s not?

    How many websites can I make as a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate Academy?

    Have a nice day,


    • Hello, Leo,

      Yes, the domain and hosting fees are combined. The Premium member can have up to 50 websites. 



  11. It’s important to find the best place to buy domain names and hosting. It’s the basis of the beginning of your website.
    Many different companies can provide you with them.

    I’ve used many different companies times, and GoDaddy is one of the best.
    I’ve tried many, but the best way is to get hosting through Wealthy Affiliate because that’s where I have mine.

    They take care of everything and at a very reasonable cost.
    I would always do my homework, but with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a no-brainer.
    Would you not agree that they are the best?

  12. Hi Kevin! I have bought a domain at GoDaddy. As you have stated, they offer a cheap first year. But the successive years are way more expensive. And afterward, they bombard you with other sales.

    Wealthy Affiliate seems to have a lot of advantages in its hosting options. Is there a step by step guide to transfer our site from GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate? I’d like to know before I initiate any transfer.

    • Hello, Henry, Yes the SiteRubix Platform inside Wealthy Affiliate does provide a way to move over your website. It is part of the domain section. 



  13. Hi Kevin

    I like the brevity of your post…short and to the point.

    BTW: your email address at the bottom, I think, is spelled wrong. “comtactme@…” 🙂

    I’ve used GoDaddy in the States, but in Australia, I’ve been using CrazyDomains, which is comparable in price and structure. They offer a pretty good hosting package as well.

    I would probably recommend using a domain provided WITH a hosting option. It streamlines a lot of the overhead activities.



    • Hello, Dave,

      Thanks for bringing the spelling error to my attention. And thank you for adding your insights to domain and hosting. 



  14. You took your reader on a journey using a variety of places they could buy their domain and have it hosted. You showed the merits of each. However, it was a no brainer when you discussed the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. Hands down it is the best place to do these tasks as well as to transfer from other hosting places. 

    Can I recommend that you flesh out your discussion of WA to show that your reader can do much more than buy and host their website at Wealthy Affiliate? This would segue the discussion into creating an online business. And I feel the reader needs to know that. 

    Since these details are available within the WA system they will land on, and it may not be too much of a problem not to go into details here.

    I wish you much success in the results of this post.

    • Hello, Edwin thanks for adding your insights to starting an online business. I agree Wealthy Affiliate has so much more to offer. I will make an effort to shed more light on how Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools to get you off to a great start in online marketing. 



  15. I  am thrilled with the WA domain name service. I don’t like GoDaddy because of the second year price surprise. The price then I crease every year. There is nothing you can do because you are stuck with your website with them. I prefer a straightforward price. This way you know what you are paying ever year. I agree with you WA is the best.

    • Hello, TQ, I can’t agree with you more. I believe all companies should be more transparent about pricing. 



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