How To Get a Secure Website

Ok, you’ve chosen a name for your business, bought your piece of internet real estate dot com .net or .org. Built your website selecting a theme that is responsive and beautiful, are you are thinking about how to get a secure website?

The next step is to take precautions to make sure your website is safe and secure online. We will take a look at a few types of security problems and how these issues affect your business and all the devices connected with your company.

Staying Safe Is Your Responsibility

You must secure your site. It is up to you to make sure your business is secure. Think of your website as your piece of real estate padlock secured doorson the NET. And after you are finished doing business for the day, you need to turn the deadbolt lock on your website doors.

You lock up your car, boat, home, and now your online business. Even though, you do not have a brick and motor store you still need to protect and secure sensitive business information.

Critical information, for example, customer credit card, numbers or if you have employees or any other information that needs protecting.

Privacy Policy

In today’s market place there is a high priority placed upon keeping and securing customer and employee personal information. Moreover, when this trust is breached can lead to severe financial complications.

The worst of it is it doesn’t matter if your business is in a small town or a metropolitan area. Cyber attacks occur day in and day out to the tune of 62 percent. And the attacks range from identity theft, tax fraud, and bad credit cards.

These cyber attacks affect small business all year round and cause many to fail because of the attacks. It is reported that 60 percent of little to medium companies are attacked about every six months. And that isn’t taking into account the personal setbacks from the fraud issues.

Making sure your business is safe and secure is a priority one safety concern, just like securing your home you can take a few steps and stay safe.

Steps To Staying Safe Online

online securityThe first place to start is to go through all your passwords and reset them to a stronger password. It is your first line of defense against the attacker trying to get your information.

You should check and make sure your personal accounts. Do not share the same password? Each account should be assigned its unique password. Also, change your passwords regularly.

Another benefit besides staying secure is that if you do get compromised or hacked, you will only have to deal with the one hacked account. While you are trying to sort and regain your life back.

So, when it comes to making up your secure passwords. Make them long and very complicated using all the characters available to you to come up with an uncrackable password.

Password Recovery

Remember to set up your password recovery buttons. Just in case you forget or lose your means of retrieving it another way.

Here is an excellent time to set up alerts for any unusual activity on your accounts. Or if someone is trying to change or alter any settings, linking your mobile phone, email, to verify changes.

Email Security

checking mail addressCyber attackers emails as a way to infiltrate your companies sensitive information. It is called “Phishing.” Phishing is a tactic when a hacker sends you an email that looks and presents itself as a legitimate email at a glance.

These emails look like they were sent by government agencies, banks, and credit card companies. They are presenting you with an emergency of some kind where you are asked to update your account information.

Emails like these are sent to everyone similar to fishing with a rod and bait. Tossing out the bait and seeing whose biting. Don’t click onto any link until you take a closer look.

And you’ll begin to notice the subtle differences between a legit email and a Phishing Email. All email and attachments should be scrutinized and treated as phishing until verified legit. Know before you download!

Email Cyber Attack Spreads Quick

Emails can be forwarded shared and can spread corruption fast. Once the email is opened and shared the hacker has access to your business.

He can begin disrupting your company for as long as he wants. The cyber attacker can set up an email address that forwards all your emails to him.

Email Alert Settings

It is vital that when you set up your email that you set up your security alerts. To create your email security alerts to notify you if any unusual activity is happening. Check your security settings often to see if anything is suspicious.

Before You Open That Email

stop no entry signWhen you go to your email account, and you begin to scroll through the many emails deciding which ones to check this first. I received an email from CapitolOne, Credit Cards that seemed legit until I checked the URL address. The URL read http://capitolone/

Notice the URL the email address sent from is it an HTTP:// or an

HTTPS:// URL address?

HTTPS:// is a more secure URL than HTTP://.

HTTPS:// is resistant to snooping than an HTTP://.

Be sure to check all URLs connected to the email before downloading. The corruption can embed themselves in the attachment(s).

Keeping Other Devices | Secure

By nature, we are a species of convenience. Let me ask you a question. Do you have your smart devices set to time out? What I mean is, do you leave your smartphone, tablet, the laptop sit idle while your not using them?

Another way you can help secure your business is to go to setting on these smart devices and set the timer to time out when the device is idle. By setting up the locking, the mode has a few benefits for security.

The first is if you misplace or lose your smart device no one will be able to access your device except you. Adjusting does take creating a PIN code. Remember to set the PIN up to something you are going to remember.

Employees | Security Training

Educating yourself and your employees are the ways to arm your company against cyber attacks. Staying up to date with the latest techniques for protecting your business and all the people involved.

By training everyone on the threat of cyber attacks lets everyone participate in keeping the company safe. By sharing the responsibility of staying safe with everyone builds comradery among all.


1. Review and change passwords on all accounts to complex and unique as possible. All business and personal accounts should have their specific passwords. Change them regularly.

2. Password Recovery system in case you forget or lose your passwords.

3. Set a time to change passwords and check email setting alerts. Connect alerts to your mobile phone for all notifications for sensitive accounts. Know who and what is happening with those accounts.

4. Check the sent from email address website URL to see if it is an HTTP:// or an HTTPS://.

5. Turn on the idle timer on all your devices. Idle mode locking is prevention against unauthorized users or theft.

6. Cyber Attack ongoing training for you and your employees. Training your personnel on the new resources available to help expose Phishing emails.

Preparing for cyber attacks is a task you must take seriously. Over 60 percent of businesses are affected by Phishing emails every day. By taking a proactive approach, you can help make your business and your employees safe and secure. Education is the key to keeping up to date with the latest cyberattack trends.

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  1. Hi, Kevin. Thank you for the very informative info, especially “Once the email is opened and shared the hacker has access to your business”. How to block a spammy email address on site email address?

  2. Hi, Kevin. Thank you for the very informative info, especially “Once the email is opened and shared the hacker has access to your business.” I have received some email from people say they are hackers.  How to block a spammy email address on-site email address? I want to blacklist that email address so they can not send an email through my website. 

    • Hello, Melani, I go my site email and open the email. After I open my email, I click block this address and then trash it. I hope this answers your question. I’ve had a few that I had to do that to a few. 



  3. Cyber attack is critical in the online business and should not be taken for granted. I have seen so many who were once a victim of cyber attack. I am glad you showed so many ways of ensuring that I don’t ever experience anything like this. I will keep this article it will be a handy one so I can quickly know who is trying to scam me. 

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