In this article, we are going to cover how to sell online using your website you just created — laying out the groundwork to prepare your product for its first sale. And providing the information on how you can position your merchandise to make the deal. Also, how to sell anything online for free as an affiliate marketer.


Your first step is to find a product or service that you are comfortable promoting. Maybe, you already have a product or service that you are the owner of and want to encourage.

Or you are thinking about affiliating yourself with VigLink, Amazon, eBay or Shopify promoting one of the hundreds of products they offer.

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No matter what product or service you choose, you have to get your finger on the pulse of the consumer.

You need to start testing your business and find out how the customer will respond with feedback. This way you can make adjustments to improve your product.

Starting here is where you will begin to build your brand, making connections with your potential customers and narrowing down your audience you want to zero in. Moreover, how they are embracing your product offering insights on how you can improve your business.

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The information you gather from this information will help you get well-established as how your way of doing business is unique to the others in that field. It is going to show you how you can help people find the answers to their problem(s) they want to solve.

So don’t spend a lot of time telling people about the features and benefits of your products or service. Find a great problem people are having and show them by how using your product or service will end their worry.

You want to show them precisely how your features and benefits of what your business offers set you apart from the rest. Moreover, why a consumer should undoubtedly want to purchase from you.


When you begin to architect your website you need to take into consideration the design of your site so prospective customers can educate landing strip

themselves about the value you provide.

You do this by creating a landing page. The landing page should be crystal clear and short and sweet summary of your business as well as easy to navigate.

When your visitor visits your landing page for the first time is where you make your first impression(s). Visitors who come to your site come there because they are looking for the answer(s) to their issues.

Your website is where and how you supply the answer(s) to the problems to move them to purchase from you. Or the term is called “Call To Action.”

NOTE: It is imperative to optimize your website for mobile. Today most people do the majority of browsing using their smartphones, leaving desktops because of the convenience

Taking the time now to figure these first steps are the key to promoting your business. Also, you might be thinking shouldn’t these be the last order of business to do. The first step on your journey of selling online.


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You are ready to start displaying ads. There are several ways you can do this,
  1. Advertising w/ Search displays (free or paid)
  2. Social Media (free or paid)
  3. Paid advertisement(s).
  4. Numerous Free advertising you can do.

Most people and businesses use personal and professional networks. When you use a Social Media Platform take into consideration the audience that is connecting to that platform and make sure your business brand is targeting those people.

Here is where you can monitor the successes and shortcomings of similar businesses and learn from their work. You are taking advantage of your social media presence.


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You don’t have to use Social Media to generate sales. Google has a Featured product comparison shopper you can sign your product up.

It is called Google Shopping and NexTag; these two features are a way you can have Google target your ad displays to audiences for products and services they are looking for the best deal.

Or you can let a business display them on prominent websites or magazines in your field. Giving them one of your products for free and allowing them to have the opportunity to test, leave a review(s) on your website.

You can join an applicable industry online forum(s), attend trade shows relevant to your industry.


To make sure you are successful in selling anything online you have to describe clearly your product(s) or service value to your audience.

Build a landing page that is clear and easy to navigate. Do your homework finding out how to reach your target audience and how they behave on social media.

Important to have your website optimized for mobile smart devices. Network with popular sites, and people in your field of business. Also, participate in online forums in your industry.

Moreover, learning all you can from the successes and failures and utilizing that information to tweak your business to acquire more visitors as well as sales

If you have any questions or any comments about this post, please leave them below. I would love to hear them or help you out.



  1. I would really love to learn how to sell anything online I have looking for ways to to earn that extra income and to be I was yet to find one not until I came across this blog I hope I can learn how to make money  selling online I just need to learn all that I can get thanks to this article I have a chance.

    • Hello, Charles, I am happy that you found my article enlightening.  If I can be in the future, please ask. I will try to help you as much as much as I  can. Want to find out more about owning an operating an online business check out my MY REVIEW OF WEALTHY AFFILIATE


  2. Thank you so much for your article. There are mounds of information in it that are extremely valuable for someone who is looking to get into having an online business. I do agree with you that the first page, their landing page is their first impression of what the rest of the website will be about. I feel you’ve written a great article. Good job.

    • Hello, Nicole, we have an accord! Your landing page is your signpost online so your visitors can find you. 



  3. Hi Kevin, Your article is very helpful. I just created my own niche site and would love to make some sales directly from my website. The strategies you have shared all effective to deploy and in line with what I’ve learned from other online resources. You talked about building landing pages in your article, I think this is the part many of us beginners find difficult. I am on a low budget right now, could you please recommend some free resources for building landing pages that have high chances of converting visitors into subscribers?

    • Hello, Phrane, I’m happy that you found value in my article. My number one recommendation would be the Wealthy Affiliate for a complete training platform.  Also, HubSpot, and, Niel Patel are informative online resources for online marketing.

      I hope this helps.


  4. Thank you for a detailed guide on how to start making money online. However, I have a question about the landing page. Can I assume that the website you describe is for selling one specific product?. If this is the case would the landing page be always the first page on your website? How this website would be different from websites built around blogging, where every post always goes to the front. You said to connect with potential customers. How do I do that? I assume that I would have to pay for visitors to get the initial prospects. I would like your opinion on the value of blogging. As you can see I am new at this. Thank you for your patience and I will check your website to learn more.

    • Hello, Carlos, how you would architect  your website would depend on how your landing page will look. Your landing page is your signpost online. It is a place that your visitor(s) lands to find out about what your website. And what it has to offer, one product or several. 

      A blogging site, you would work on talking about the product(s) and then pointing them to a centralized page displaying all the products you are offering. Blogging is how you are going to connect with your visitor. Writing great content about your product or service. And doing it consistently, adding value to your site. Blogging does take patients to gain a following. One brick at a time until the buildings built. 

      Please contact me if I can be of any assistance. I will try to help. 



  5. Hi Kevin, I have been building my website for a while but still struggling with traffic. I know I haven’t written lots of posts and that’s what I’m prioritizing now. I will try to learn how to make a landing page as you mentioned in this article. Do you have suggestions on how to make the best landing page? Marita

    • Hello, Marita, As a matter of fact, I do have a place you can learn how to create a landing page. You can find it here Create a Landing Page Easy. I hope this helps answer your landing page questions. If I can be of any help in the future, please contact me. 



  6. Thanks, Kevin for the information. You talk about “You do this by creating a landing page. The landing page should be crystal clear and short and sweet summary of your business as well as easy to navigate. I want to ask what is the difference between the landing page and a blog. I’m a beginner online marketing. Would you please tell me how I can connect my website to a social network?

    • Hello, Liyamb, Let me see if I can clarify a landing page and a blog. A landing page is the website’s home page. Visitors click on a hyperlink to access your site. It is the first page your visitors see. A blog is the updated website page or post that is written usually in a conversational way. These blog posts and pages regularly published. I hope this makes it a little clearer. If I can be of any assistance in the future, please contact me.



  7. It seems to me the best way to sell a product or service online is to answer the question: How would I want to buy it? I believe our purchasing decisions and the thought process that goes into that decision can help us determine how we should sell the products and services. Personal experience and the experience of those we know are a valuable resource for selling online.

  8. This post is excellent Kevin; I am thankful for these marvelous tips you gave us. I heard how landing pages are great for converting customers, but honestly, it is somehow hard to make one that will look perfect. Can you recommend me any training related to making a good landing page? Thanks in advance.

  9. Being able to sell anything online for free is interesting. I’m always looking for ways to make money online.

    I agree that your landing page is your first impression because that is what keeps the reader going further on your website. And it is true that more people surf the web with their smartphones today than with their computers.

    Social media is such a great way to get your website noticed. But as you point out, there are many different ways to get traffic. Still, I would prefer the free methods. Do you agree?

    • Hello, Rob, the Wealthy Affiliate Platform offers the training to build your business on a shoestring. That is the beauty of the Platform. You can get started with little to no money and create, develop and maintain a profitable website. It is why I chose the Wealthy Affiliate Platform because of being laid-off, and funds were tight. And WA offers this opportunity to anyone who wants to have a business of their own. 



  10. Interesting post I’ve never heard of NexTag I’m going to check it out and see if this is something I can use in my journey. What’s your experience been with this? Maybe you can post an article about it? 

    I also like your step by step approach. I think it’s sound and straightforward advice. 


    • Hello, Kash, I will share my experience with NexTag in a future post. And I will send it to you in a personal email after being published. NexTag was a price comparison website for computers, travel, and education. It’s the primary business model for comparing prices.



  11. Thanks for the information, Kevin. You talk about ” You do this by creating a landing page. The landing page should be crystal clear and short and sweet summary of your business as well as easy to navigate.” , my question is what is the difference between the landing page and a blog.

    • Hello, Liyamb, Check out an earlier comment here for further clarification of landing pages and blog. 



  12. I’m stuck with creating my website’s landing page. I see in other people’s landing page; there’s a call to action that asks visitors to either subscribe on to something or buy stuff offered by the website. In my case, I am confused whether I should point people to join my recommended affiliate community which of course comes with a fee or offer the visitors a gift like a free report. Can you help me decide between the two options?

    • Hello, Gomer, The answer to your question depends on the direction you want your site to go. You didn’t supply enough information about your business to answer it sufficiently. I am going to provide you with a link that I hope will help you. Affiliate Programs and Promotions.



  13. Thanks for this article, it is very helpful to me.

    I recently started blogging, and I am yet to convert any of my views to a sale.

    I will work more on these steps and resources recommended to improve my online marketing strategy.

    I totally agree, getting to know your potential customers is a step in the right direction and a step I might be lacking.

    Thanks for this.

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