Improve Your Customer Service Skills

How To Keep Customer’s Coming Back

How and why customer service is crucial for your business. And offer you some tips on how to provide excellent customer service. As well as share some helpful tools you can use to improve your business customer service to keep them coming back.

Customer Service Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Having the best product or service in the world won’t matter if your customer has a bad experience. The result is…

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they will go somewhere else. That is the nature of the beast. All of the interaction between the customer and your business whether it be by email, phone calls, text or live chat is called customer experience. Because they are looking to you to provide them with assistance and advice about your product or services. As well as share some helpful tools you can use to improve your customer service skills to keep them coming back.

There was a study conducted in the UK and the United States of how customers react to services provided by companies. And what it discovered that 87 percent of consumers share good experiences. And 95 percent of consumers are going to tell of their bad experience. Think about the good and bad experiences you’ve had and how you’ve shared yours. You can see how providing excellent customer service is going to have a positive effect on your business.

How Do I Provide Excellent Customer Service

Providing customer service takes planning and strategy. There are guidelines to follow for customer service, but there isn’t a set format for providing customer service.

But by following proper customer service guidelines will help position your business to deliver the best customer service for your customers. By your interaction with them as they go through the buying process. Helping customers have a clear understanding of all the details of what they are buying. For example, the ticket details, they should know what the color is, size of the product, and scale as they make a purchase.

Improve a Customers Experience with a FAQ Page

A FAQ (frequently asked questions) page and product description should help answer with any questions that customer might have.

And if a FAQ page doesn’t provide the answers, there is contact information available for the customer. So he can contact you, and you can personally address any issues or concerns. Moreover, the most critical key is to acknowledge and answer inquiries promptly.


Make it part of your routine to respond to all phone calls emails texts and messages daily. Keeping customers informed about orders, requests, and queries.

By communicating this information to the customers. You will begin to develop a rapport that shows them that they are the most important person on your list.

Tips For Unsatisfied Customers

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No one wants to have an unhappy customer, but it does happen. And you should have a plan in place to take care of these situations. Here are a few technics you to help you keep them as a customer.

1. Using incentives to keep customers happy by offering them a refund and a discount on their next purchase.

2. Re-evaluate your return policy to make sure it is easy for your customer to understand and follow.

3. The return policy you have should protect you and keep your customer interests first.

4. When discussing returns with your customers always keep them informed of what you were doing. The conversation might go like, “I’m documenting the information as we are talking.” Because I want to give you the maximum refund on the product or service.

5. Communicate all pertinent information to your customer. Details such as their order are confirmed, shipping dates, and if there are any items back ordered.

6. Processing the purchase or refund as professionally as possible.


Customer Service Starts with Your Employee’s

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Customer service begins with the initial interaction between customers and your employees. Your employees should be well versed in the features and benefits of your product or service.

Your employees should be engaged in continuing education, promoting a positive attitude, and staying up to speed with industrial standards and trends.

That includes hiring employees with positive attitudes and people skills. As well as providing training for handling stressful situations.

What If A Customer Needs More Information

Realize customers can only get so much information from a website or an advertisement. And if your customer still has questions provide them with contact information to talk to an expert by phone, live chat, or an email. Here is where your product and service experts can help guide customers to find answers and help solve their problems.

How To Keep Good Employees

Great customer service happens when employees are happy in their jobs. So how can you keep employees happy and retain the best employees?  Offer your employees competitive pay, excellent benefits, and most significant advancement in your company. By treating your employees well, it will filter down, and your employees will treat customers well.

Customer Feedback

Another way to find out what your customer expects is to ask them for feedback. Customers will tell you what your shortcomings unhappy customer

are. And the insight they share will tell you what you can improve upon.

Think of it this way. How can you help or solve their problems if you don’t know what they are?

And then when you learn what those details are work to implement changes to deliver those expectations. Know that getting customer feedback is an ongoing process.

Feedback can be acquired by casual conversations with customers. Checking the social media platforms, you belong to and see what customers are saying about your product or service.

Staying on top of customer or service reviews is crucial. Here you can learn how your product is doing, check ratings and see how well your product is received. And where your business can improve service.

Customer Surveys

Send out a survey after service or product is shipped and received to learn of any issues. Then using the data to improve upon any problems if there are any.

When you send out a customer survey, try to keep it short. A good rule to follow is one to ten questions and a comment section for any other comments or issues.

Most importantly, answer customers quickly and ask if you can contact them to discuss the survey further.

Help Desk Tools

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Using Helpdesk Apps offer technical support for customer responses, and tracking customers questions sent by email phone or social media. Apps like Freshdesk, Help Scout, and Zendesk.

Social media apps that help with social media management are Awatio, Hootsuite, And Social Sprout. These apps alert you anytime a conversation post about your business. They are enabling you to engage in the conversations quickly to answer any questions or concerns.

The Help Desk apps and social media tools listed above help give you the edge over other businesses in your industry.

Tools to use for hosting a survey are Crowdsignal formerly called PollDaddy, Survey Monkey or Zoho.

These apps let you create custom surveys. Each provides survey templates that you can use to share with customers via email, social media, or on your website.

The Customer Service Experience

The customer service experience is the entire sum of all the exchanges of contact between the customer and your business.

Their adventure begins when they first contact your company to ask a question or to make the purchase of a product or service. In technical terms, it’s called the “touch point.”

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, break down each step of the buying experience. Do you see any areas that you could manage better using the data collected? You can then learn ways on how you can improve the experience.

Here’s a list of areas to consider for improving a better your customer’s experience.

1. Is your business information accessible and easy to locate online?

2. Are you and your employees’ training for stressful customer concerns or issues?

3. Do you offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, and room for advancement?

4. Do you have to standardize guidelines to take care of customers questions and concern properly?

5. Does your website have complete product or service descriptions?

6. Does your product or service provide clear images of private or pictures?

7. Are you asking for feedback?

8. Are you using customer surveys?

9. Is there an easy to understand return policy in place?

10. Are you responding quickly?

The list mentioned above is an essential checklist to discover shortcomings for to rethink customer service practices.

So you can learn how to create and maintain the best customer service for your customers.



Having a great product or service and excellent customer service is the recipe to attract and sell more products or services.

You are listening to customers feedback, responding to issues and concerns and responding to them quickly, treating employees well.

Make all communication with your customers convenient for them.

Giving you an edge over your competitors by using Help Desk Apps to monitor, social media, customer queries, and conduct surveys to find out how well your business is providing services.

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profitable website. 

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