5 Valid Reasons To Check Out Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform opens as many doors as you wish to explore. WA offers you a chance to take a free tour before making any commitment. Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate where you can see for yourself. How WA might be able to help you earn money online.

Who Benefits From The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is for the individual who wants to learn online marketing or to continue to learn how to market online.

wealthy affiliate benefits

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform consists of two types of online business training — basic and advanced online marketing courses.

The courses are blueprints that cater to all levels of online marketing expertise.

Wealthy Affiliate provides complete training, marketing tools, and support to develop a passive income.

I’m not here to talk you into anything. I’m here to tell you a story about a guy who wanted to have a business of his own. He could work from anywhere he was. Be it in Alaska or Florida. And I’m here to share it with you.

I Started

Back in the year 2007, I knew that I wanted to work after I retired. Moreover, I knew I didn’t want to work as a Greeter for Walmart, HomeDepot associate or something like that. I knew that I had to create a life plan.

I’ve always the idea of creating a website that I could use to make an income online. I would daydream about having a product that I made or could affiliate with and promote.

For example, a product that a consumer could buy for about $10.00: and I would make a one dollar profit from, and a million people bought it. That would make me a millionaire. Wouldn’t it?

These big dreams I had about running an online marketing business had some significant issues. The first and foremost, I had no previous education or training on how to do any of this stuff.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. Paulo Coelho

Finding A Way

I started researching the local community colleges and libraries for classes on online marketing. Looking for any information having to do with running a business online.

I was happy to find quite a few in-services and classes offered on the subject. The biggest hurdle was scheduling. Most of the lessons that I was interested in taking. My schedule interfered with them.

Eventually, I did find two classes. The community college offered a course on How to Start and Run an Online Business. And the other was the business I chose to work as my new career. Sell on eBay.

I opted to take the selling on eBay course. It was a five-week course, three days a week, three hours a night. The instructor was thorough and assigned homework each night. I struggled through and passed the course just barely.

Falling Short

I did learn a lot about my shortcomings in taking that class. My computer skills weren’t anywhere where they should be. Computer terminology was a foreign language. Not having any education about computer word terminology made the course difficult for me. And of course the class schedule.

Another Course Change

As the saying goes “back to the drawing board.” I knew what I had to do. I had to find a Platform that offered a comprehensive training program a-ONE-STOP education program to learn online marketing using a computer.

Or find a program that does all the computer work for you. Here is a word of caution about using a Platform that does the job for you. You give up a lot of control of your online business.

That is what I did and found CLICKBANK. I joined and then began my search for the perfect online business.

For you who haven’t heard of CLICKBANK, it is a directory of all kinds of companies you can affiliate and promote and earn commissions.

All kinds of products and software for promoting. Many with unbelievable commissions. I thought I had struck the gold vein. I’m here, and I’m going to make my fortune.

I browsed ClickBank for a couple of hours looking for a merchandiser I could promote. After a couple of hours, I found a Canadian Meds Company that offered medications at 50-80 percent off of the price of the United States. That business sounded great.

I joined the program for a $49 nominal membership fee. Also, it had a recurring monthly membership cost. The Canadian Meds Company gave me a website. A similar dashboard to Google Analytics to track my site. After putting this all in place, I was supposed to sit back and let the money roll into my bank account.

A week goes by, and my dashboard shows no clicks. So I contacted Click- Bank Support. And asked them what I was doing wrong? The customer service person expressed I wasn’t advertising enough, and they suggested to join AdWords.

I set up my account with AdWords, followed the training videos provided by Adwords. And set up a campaign. Being a newbie at this, I didn’t realize how expensive an AdWords campaign.

Now it is four weeks later. I was getting clicks to my website, and I had invested $400 with AdWords that month for advertising. To date though I still had not one sale. I called Support back again and expressed my concerns, and their response was to spend more on advertising.

I decided to cut my losses and continue my search.

I joined a company that was represented by Tom Bosley. I figured now this has to be a legitimate way to make money. A prominent name actor is endorsing the company.

I paid for my initial membership. It also had a recurring monthly fee. The Platform provided a website, and all you would have to do is advertise. I started with friends and neighbors and then moved to co-workers. Sure, I was making sales but not enough commissions to amount to anything.

Going through all this and I still wasn’t any further than I was four years ago. How frustrating, I did all the tasks they said to do in training. I paid for all the upsells to make me more money. What was I doing wrong?

As it turns out, I realized that I still lacked specialized training and support to achieve my business goals.

I will tell you what I did wrong. I fell for all these because I wanted to get the rewards without (doing the work) paying the price. All these so-called businesses promise you the road to riches, and in reality, there isn’t a road to fortune without working for it. There is nothing in this world that is free.

I knew that there was a way to build a legitimate business online. I didn’t find it yet. I joined three more companies that promised me I would make money quickly. Before realizing those “Get Rich Quick” companies and make money fast are just wanting to get your money.

Washington sues LuLaRoe of operating as an illegal pyramid scheme.

Have you seen this article by the Business Insider? Here is a company, most of us, are familiar. Who would have thought this company would be under investigation for illegal business practices? But they are!

So in your search for your business let me give you a little advice. If the advertisement talks about getting rich quick or you can start making money today. Example, earn $500-$5,000 a day from the start be weary very weary.

Wealthy Affiliate From Zero to Hero

The Platform I want to tell you about has all training and the tools you need to start and run a legitimate business online. Also, no matter your level of business expertise will benefit you.

I talked about the conflicting Community College class schedules earlier. Moreover, I did find a way I could work my full-time job and train and learn the online business courses at my pace that works with my calendar.

You Can Create Your Work At Home Job

Wealthy Affiliate is a work at your pace task training program that fits into anyone’s timeline who wants to learn online marketing. You can have it all, the training the support for as much as you would pay for a health club membership.



You can join Wealthy Affiliate for “FREE” for seven days. And you will have access to most of the Platform to give you a feel of how WA conducts business.

After seven days you will have to decide whether to continue your membership and to opt for the Premium Membership.

Premium membership is $49 /month or $359/a year — unlimited access to the WA Platform.

The first thing that caught my attention was how supportive the WA Community is they welcome all new members. When I became an associate of WA, I started with the free membership option.


[WA now has added more membership payment options available for 2019]

I wanted to investigate WA as thoroughly as possible. Learn all I could about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform before investing my time and hard earned money.

For the next seven days, I would bounce back and forth on the internet trying to locate not so favorable reviews. What I found was that the favorable reviews outweighed the unfavorable reviews.

Moreover, I found not so favorable reviews. I read each one carefully. I made some notes about the complaints. I went back to WA and researched their issues by submitting questions to the community. Or locate the answer in the video training.

My Opinion

I felt that the complaints posted about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and Community were unwarranted.

I’m In!

As my trial period came to a close, I decided to join as a monthly Premium member. I was again receiving several welcomes to the WA Community.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in July of 2016. The reason I joined WA is I wanted to have an online business. I found that Wealthy Affiliate has the most comprehensive training for running an online marketing business.

wealthy affiliate success chart

I was impressed by the amount of support I received from WA. I even received a personal welcome note from one of the founders Kyle. How cool is that!

Later I found out that all premium members have access to the founders Kyle and Carson. And they are willing to help anyone who needs a hand.

wealthy affiliate training courses

And I’m confident that it is what brought you here today. The same reason I’m here and you’re here. You have exhausted all your resources and stopped here for the answer.

You Deserve To Know

That you can have anything you want by using the training provided within Wealthy Affiliate. The most attractive segment of WA to me is the fact that you’re not locked into a specific product. You can apply the training to over 500 million products or refer others to WA.

wealthy affiliate commission schedule

You are not obligated to promote Wealthy Affiliate. The training provided here at Wealthy Affiliate lets you take any business idea and make it a reality. But if you do the above chart reveals the commissions.

WA offers the training to promote any product or service that your heart desires. This aspect leaves the playing field wide open. No matter what you would like to market you’ll have the training and the tools to do that.

My Experience So Far

For example, in my case, I have a variety of interests. They range from online marketing, motorcycling, energy efficiency, and fishing.

Here you can see a few of the websites I created using Wealthy Affiliate training. Please keep in mind though when you critique my sites. I am still learning the business of online marketing.  

Name: Wealthy Affiliate / since 2005

The first thing I noticed when I researched Wealthy Affiliate was how long WA had been around. The second was WA had to be offering something of value for this longevity.

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL.: Wealthy Affiliate

Training: Inclusive Step by Step Online Marketing Courses – 9 stars out of 10

Free to start self-paced online instruction, 100’s of training videos, one on one coaching, weekly live training, live chat.

Support: 9 stars out of 10

You have the support of thousands of WA Associates, to answer and guide you on your journey including the Founder’s Kyle & Carson. (w/ premium membership)

Website Builder: 9 stars out of 10

Free Starter Membership Site Rubix Domain to build two free websites in a matter of minutes. Limited coaching.

Premium Membership you can build 25 websites. Unlimited coaching, access to the WA Platform.

(see the chart above for complete specific Membership details)

Website Hosting: 9 stars out of 10

site rubix research tools

Research Tools: 10 stars out of 10

Jaaxy Research tools,

Success Stories: 8 stars out of 10

Over a million associates and more joining Wealthy Affiliate every day.

Successful Affiliates

Price: Starter Membership “FREE” Premium Membership $49/mo. $359/a yr. gives Wealthy Affiliate 10 stars out of 10


Kevin the administrator

My Wealthy Affiliate Review above is just the beginning of what you can learn and accomplish from the training courses. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the nuts and bolts to take your passion or idea and make it a reality.

In case, some of you who aren’t sure of what direction you want to go. I’d love to share with you a link from Entrepreneur Magazine called;

How To Succeed In Any Industry You Know Nothing About.” 

The article mentioned above provides insight to help you find a direction or discover your passion.

Wealthy Affiliate is a ONE-STOP inclusive Training Platform. Kyle and Carson continually improve the WA Platform’s user experience. Wealthy Affiliate evolves as online marketing changes.


I believe in the Founders Kyle & Carson and their mission to help as many people succeed in online marketing. Moreover, I have adopted their mission statement as my own. Which brings to mind a quote I read by Ronald Reagon.

–We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone–


Let me know if I can help you,



  1. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program is a great way to make money online and I love it so much. It’s newbie friendly. It’s good for everyone who actually wants to work hard to make a living online but it’s not good for a lazy man. You must be eager to learn,  work, and then only then will you earn.

    • Hello, Kenechi, today is a great time to build a home based business. There is no fast track to making money online. Just like taking a college course, it takes time to learn and gain experience in your field. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise you will “GET RICH” what it does promise is if you are willing to do the work, practice what you have learned, you can make a sustainable income. 


  2. Hey Kevin

    This is perfect and inspiring; I must say wealthy affiliate is the best work from home job I have ever seen

    I am very happy to be part of such a great community; the people here are so helpful and supportive. They have the best platform in the world; i will keep saying this over and over

    This is a great and lovely review. Thanks for sharing

  3.  Great post you got here about Wealthy Affiliate. Allow me to share my little experience. I have been focusing on a few money making sites for like 4 months including WA, and reading others review about them. This I did for a while until I was determined to join and upgrade my account, what I’ve been experiencing nearly blew my mind. It is actually the first money making website am going to put my back into full and I have never regretted my action for a day. 

    • Hello, Ayodeji, we all start somewhere. The point is to focus and get started! Best wishes for your success in all your endeavors!


  4. Thanks for this article. I share your story and life experience about how to succeed as an online entrepreneur. I have also fallen victim of many online scams in searching for solution and answers that those scammers don’t have. Hence Joining wealthy affiliate is the best for a thing that could ever happen to me. Thanks to my live coach And mentor who is regularly encouraging me to learn all the training in WA university. My success is 100% guaranteed here and there is no distraction that can stop me again. WA is the big thing in online entrepreneurship. The support is awesome and the motivation to work harder is great. 

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