Sales Strategies Increase Sales

This post will explain what are the elements of a sales strategy, first, why it is essential to have a sales strategy and show you how to create and set up a plan that works, learn how sales strategies increase sales.

Lets Breakdown a Sales Strategy

A sales strategy is a plan set up by you on how you plan to sell your products or services. It is a plan to outmaneuver your competition and position your business for success.

man communicating An online marketing strategy is promoting your products or services. Laser focusing on customers have an interest in your product. Or potential consumers are searching for answers to their problems.

You can enhance your business presence by offering a newsletter, answer questions through live chat or suggestions.

Formulate Your Story

Formulate your business story. Figuring out how and what precisely is your business story. If your account isn’t clear in your mind how are you going to tell your story to a potential customer?

Begin by thinking about how you are going to tell your story, so it is packed with clear information and presented in a way to keep your customer engaged and wanting to know more.

Large businesses have a marketing team that handles branding and advertisements for their consumers. The team explains your services or products using a brief synopsis of information on the benefits of why they should buy. And through this interaction, the marketing team gathers leads.

After the team gathers the leads, they develop a relationship with the potential customer. Through this relationship, they build trust between your business and the consumer.

And they are providing the information guiding them to purchase the product or services. It is crucial to building a relationship, gaining customer trust, and helping your customers solve problems is your mission.

Know Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? Not knowing who they are, is going to be impossible to come up with a sales strategy.

dartboard bullseye Your first order of business is researching who exactly is your target audience. By studying ages, income, are they male or female? But you must dig a little deeper by investigating their interests, attitudes, and opinions.

Moreover, how you can reach out and connect with your customer. Through your investigating, you’ll learn if they use social media, what they are reading are they still getting magazines or newspapers. Who are they patronizing online, online forums or blogs?

Finding The Sweet Spot

Once you know your target audience try to discover how and why they should come to you for solving their problems. And then setting up an advertising strategy that benefits them by using your product or services.

Imagine yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Taking into account the emotions your consumer is going through to solve their issues. And you are learning the best way to meet and address their needs and wants.

At this point, it is crucial to show them through communication the right answer. Don’t tell visitors what they should do, lead them by sharing with them the best options, on how to help them.

Tweak Your Marketing Strategy

Here is where your product or service can shine. You are keeping your business story as real man tuning a guitaras possible. Showing how and why you are so enthusiastic about your company. It is a perfect time to share what your higher purpose is for your business.

You are exposing the reasons why the way you do business is better than other companies in your field. You could share your mission statement of what your business values are and why you conduct business the way you do.

Incorporate all the above aspects into the foundation of your business message. If you do it right, your audience will feel that they know you and will be happy to do business with you.

Get in the Mind Of Your Customer

Here again, you must put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Always ask yourself what questions your customers are asking? How are you answering those questions? And are the answers you are providing, solving the problems? You are making the buying experience as painless as possible.

Take all these things into account, you will be able to determine how your audience finds the information. Studying the data to figure out how to maximize advertising on social media or a search engine — positioning your business for visitors to see you and the answers to their problems.

Your Website

A business website should be easy to find in search results. You can do this by incorporating natural search phrases and questions in your site’s text and metadata.

Your website is your way to answer frequently asked questions quickly. Moreover, the answers and information should also be on any social media or business forums and listings you belong.

Keeping Your Customer Engaged

Creating great content on your website, newsletters and social media should be a part of your marketing strategy. Your content helps customers find you, and form a relationship, and keep them engaged with your business.

Today Live Chat overcomes the digital divide of human and machines. Live Chat lets your customer connect with a live person. I don’t know about you, but I automated systems. Don’t you agree?

Website Social tools like Google Alerts, Talkwalker, and can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your customer’s. These tools help you listen and respond to feedback from your customers.

Communication With Your Customer

Make an effort to respond to all your customer’s comments and questions both negative or positive as soon as possible. Your engagement will reinforce your relationships with them and display transparency.

man and woman shaking handsIt is essential to implement a plan to keep in touch with your customer before, during and after the sale. Suggesting they sign up for a newsletter, before and after the sale, and after the purchase sending them a thank you note.


To develop a sales strategy, you need to figure out who your target audience and competitors are. Moreover, how to build your brand identity.

Also, share with them why you are passionate about your business, and then have an online presence so your customers can find the information or answers they need.

In the next post, we will talk about how to provide a great customer service experience.

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24 comments on “Sales Strategies Increase Sales

  1. After going through this article, I admire how you have taken the time to explain and to make me see the importance of having a strategy so that I can increase sales for my business I’m going to start doing what you have said and I know things will be better for my business. 

    • Hello, Charles, I’m glad you found value in this post. If I can help in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me. 


  2. Thanks for such an excellent post. One major point we miss is hooking with our target audience. Most successful sales person knows the demographics of people he wants to connect. A salesperson that sells diapers should understand that most of his customers are ladies and not teenagers or men. Also, I believe in integrity; when your customers can vouch for your word, then they can spread kind words about your products.

    • Hello, Mikay, Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, I agree to trust the business you are dealing with is essential. If I can be of any assistance, please contact me.  

  3. I appreciate what you said about sharing your story. I believe that a website in an extension of word of mouth advertising. By telling your story honestly and compellingly, you give yourself the best chance of convincing others to buy into what you are selling. The beauty of the Internet is that it allows you to get to more ears sooner than with any other method that may be available to you.  

  4. If I am a home business owner with a business that’s producing physical items for shipping to customers in other parts of the world, I find the advice you shared here is pretty much stable. They are enough to get a small business up and running in this competitive world. But what about with an Internet affiliate marketing business that’s not producing its products? Do you think I still have to follow all the prescriptions laid out here in your article?

    • Hello, Gomer, I think if I understand your question. Use the information as a benchmark for promoting your products or services. Here is a detailed video for selling online. I hope the footage clarifies the questions you have.  Please contact me if you have any other questions.



  5. Thank you for this excellent information and very well explained. Personally, it will help me, in the creation of my website niche and to understand my audience and to create a sales plan with better success in selling my products.

    You mentioned live chat and seemed to be a great idea especially, on this day, how is the market. Where can you learn, how to use live chat?

    Thank you, and hopefully, you can answer my question, looking to hear from you and thank you in advance.

    • Hello, GVporres, the Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent support community. The best way to learn how to use Live Chat is to use it. The best way to learn is by trial and error. 

      The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Live Chat is where you can ask the community anything you are having issues with and receive an answer within a few moments. It is a fantastic tool for building your business.



  6. Thanks for this article, Kevin.

    It highlights some critical steps for getting loyal customers, not just one time buyers.

    Getting to know your customer and building the trust with your story, in my opinion, is the way to go and evaluating the strategies of many successful businesses is the strategy they put in place.

    The newsletter step is also highly recommended, but I have always felt reluctant going for this.

    I might soon give it a try.


    • Hello, Etah, thanks for commenting. As far as the newsletter you will have to decide what works best for your audience. That will come as you develop your business site as what works best for you. 



  7. Kevin

    I appreciate the help you have given me today. My sales strategy needs some serious work. My target audience is a vast market. I have been in customer service most of my life so, with your help I should be able to make an excellent brand for myself. Thanks again.

  8. We definitely cannot overlook sales strategy in any business we venture into; it is, however, struggling to see how many companies fail as a result of inadequate or inefficient sales strategy. Your post has thrown more light as to the reasons some business fails, and it is an issue worth studying and researching about.  I have been put off from some companies because I could not have a live chat with them. I did not trust them because there was nobody to talk to and emailing them took forever, so the result was that the company lost a potential customer. You listed all the strategies that need to be put in place for a business to thrive well. I will take note of these and apply them to my business. I will also refer all my referrals to your post as knowledge is very important. Thanks 

    • Hello, Stella, thanks for taking the time to comment. It is appreciated. A while back I left a Platform because I wasn’t able to get the answers I needed promptly. It is imperative to get answers so you can continue to build a business. 



  9. Hi, Kevin, I enjoyed your article on sales strategy. I am trying to improve my small engine repair website. I find it hard to figure out my exact target because I get all age male and female at my shop. So I was wondering how long did it take you to understand your analytical information? 

    I am not confident I genuinely appreciate all that I am seeing. I have been to some webinars but still not satisfied that I understand what I see. I think I have a good brand and I have some excellent reviews, but I know that is not enough. If you could tell me what are the best things to focus on when I am reviewing my data That indeed would be a help. 

    Thanks again for the article.

    • Hello, Bill, to get an understanding of your audience will take time. In my opinion, a way might be to try what they call A/B testing. Creating two to four different advertisement approaches and see which one is getting the most clicks. And then refining or fine-tuning the ads to get the results you are seeking. I have done this for about six to eight months now, and I am just beginning to understand my audience. A few resources for helping you with this might be Quora or Google My Business tools. Both are free tools that have helped me. I hope this helps you find your answers to your questions. Google Analytics is a great tool to help also. 



  10. Running a profitable business with a sizeable income is not just about setting up the company. It involves everything that has to do with the industry — even the day to day management of the business. In business, no area should be left gray; everything should be taken into consideration. 

    I’m happy you took out time to list out everything we need to do to make our business successful. 

    Thanks a million

  11. Hi. An excellent post was an interesting read! As a 23-year-old trying to get to grips of how to run a successful business, you had some great tips, and I can’t wait to try them myself. Thanks for the read. 

    Are the “website social tools” you mention like “google alerts” as an example just like plugins for your website? I have never come across them before so are new to me.

    • Hello, Stewart, I’m happy you found value in the post. Google Alerts isn’t a plug-in. It is a service from Google. Here is the link to Google Alerts. It is easy to set up and use. 



  12. Hi Kevin; you are right with your information on how to start a business. There must be a formula for any business story and a strategy as to how the recipe will work.

     As we all know that people of various origin will view the niche we are promoting via content, who’s understanding might vary. Using a workable formula will fix that issue. 

    The people also want to know that they are doing business with real people, interacting with those supporting sales on our sites is a good idea I learn something from your post. Keep up the excellent work.


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