What Is a Domain and Hosting

In this article, I am going share with you what is a domain and hosting. Giving you some tips on how to choose a domain name. And cover the three main types of hosting for your website.


Ok, choosing a domain name for your new business might be confusing if you haven’t ever done it before. Moreover, if you already have an existing business, it does make matters a little easier.


Let us imagine that Charlie has a business selling modern gadgets. Also, his business name is Charlie’s Modern Gadgets. Also, Charlie’s company is well established in his community.

planning a business

Charlie realizes to stay competitive he has to create a website, to gain an online presence. He knows how to advertise his business in magazines and newspapers.

But Charlie hasn’t a clue on where to start advertising on the web. He knows he needs a great website and a domain name, but where does he start?

Charlie has the options of choosing from many web domain names. He could select www.futuregadgets.com, www.ultimategadgets.net or www.imminentgadgets.org.

The issues with the domains mentioned above don’t describe Charlie’s Modern Gadgets. Moreover, it is crucial that Charlie’s domain name reflects his established business name.

Charlie can leverage his website by using his previous community advertising by applying the same keywords he used for advertising for his domain name.

Thus, making it easy to find Charlie’s Modern Gadgets on the web. So his best choice for a web domain name would be www.charliesmoderngadgets.com.


Begin by imagining you are buying a building for your company. And your domain name is your business sign just as Charlie did for his business.

Your website on the web will be your storefront. It is the first thing a visitor(s) will see. You should ultimately want your domain name to describe your business precisely.

Try to keep it as short as possible, straightforward, easy to spell. Also, consider not using numbers or hyphens as it may confuse your visitor(s).

You are using a search term (keyword) that is apparent and recognizable. Charlie’s domain name has modern and gadgets in it. He is making his website easy to find when a person types into the browser modern gadgets or gadgets.


There are a variety of sites to register your domain. You can use Google Domains or Hover to mention a few. I do recommend registering yours with the SiteRubix Platform.

person registering

My reason to recommend the SiteRubix Platform is SiteRubix gives a chance to test drive your domain before buying it. Here you can create a Domain that looks and feels right to you.

You can build a website using a new name and later if you don’t like it you can change it. And if you plan to keep your new Domain name, you can buy a.COM, .NET, or.ORG.

Before I forget, the.COM is the most common domain extension for businesses. And the .NET extension is used for a non-profit, and.ORG would be for an educational site.


Ok, you’ve picked a domain name, now you have to decide on a web host. The web host is where your website is going to live or operate.

A host provides server space for all the critical elements of a website. Aspects like the data, images, content, text, and coordinating it so visitors can find you.

Hosting Companies

Here are a few companies that you can host a website.

1. Wealthy Affiliate              4. Squarespace
2. Blogger                           5. Wix
3. Shopify

The above mention companies do a great job of hosting websites. Each has its merits but choosing the right host for your site will depend on a few things.

The first is you must consider how much traffic you think you might have and how much data you will need to store. These elements will determine if you need a dedicated host, shared hosting, or a virtual private server.

Shared Host

This service is a less expensive way to create a web presence but usually doesn’t do an excellent job of handling a high volume of visitors.

Maintains service for several web pages and websites, having their domain name(s) from a single web server.

In other words, shared hosting your website’s information is stored with other sites. It is a good choice if you have a small business and doesn’t require a technical background.

Shared hosting does have a drawback. Your website will be affected if another site you share the server with is getting a high volume of traffic causing your site to slow down.

Virtual Private Host

VPS provides the storage and memory you’ll need. Without sharing the resources of storage and memory like Shared hosting.

Moreover, you still will share the server space with other sites. Similarly like Shared Hosting, except VPS offers more power.

Dedicated Host

Dedicated hosting is expensive, but it has the power for additional data security, special features, and handling high volume traffic. Also, you will not share server space with other sites.

To pick the best host for your business, do your homework — research, the hosting company that best suits your website(s) needs. Take into consideration your anticipated traffic, security needs, and technical support for your company’s site.

Website Support

Checking customer support from your hosting company is essential. I recommend 24/7 customer support, in case you have a problem, immediate customer support is imperative to manage problems with your site.

Website Security

Privacy laws are in place for keeping your visitor’s information private, safe, and secure.

These days people are smarter than ever when it comes to buying something online. Customers will look for a Secure Sockets Layer {SSL}. Check your host to see if they offer SSL.

Secure Sockets Layers is what encrypts your customer’s financial information for a safe and secure transaction(s). Also, This type of security is a must-have if you have an E=Commerce website selling products online.

Website Builder Tools

Hosting services for websites have come a long way from the early days. Today, you do not have to be a professional website coder to create a site.

Most hosts have a variety of website(s) builder tools to create a beautiful site without technical knowledge. So you can get your business website up and live on the web in a few minutes.

Website builder tools are desirable for a person who wants a business website but doesn’t have a budget for a custom design professional web developer.

Check Uptime of Hosts

Checking uptime is the period websites run without interruption issues. Google recommends MyHostingUptime to check the percentage rates of downtime. And suggest uptime rate be 99.999 percent or better.


When you are deciding on a domain name choose a name relevantly that describes your business to a visitor or customer. Strive for simplicity and comfort for your customer’s to find on the web.

Choose a hosting company that fits your needs and caters to your level of technical expertise. There are three types of hosting available to you Shared, Dedicated, and Virtual Private Host.

Check Uptime of the hosting for your web site. MyHostingUpTime is the tool to help you find out the best host to use. UpTime should have a score of 99.999 percent or higher.

My Recommendations

I recommend The Wealthy Affiliate as a host for a couple of reasons. First, The Wealthy Affiliate hosting has all the web builder tools in a centralized location.

You can check and pick a domain name, hosting with multiple servers that ensure your website will stay up and running on the web.

Also, The Wealthy Affiliate includes a website builder for the easy creation of a site in thirty minutes, or less and provides more technical training if you want or need that too.

If you want to learn more about The Wealthy Affiliate Platform check it out here: My Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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