Your website is your business voice online. It is where people can go to find the answers to their queries online. Think of it as a place where you meet and greet people searching the internet. So what is a website? And why do you need one?

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On A WEBSITE!

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Coming to your site is your chance to share your business with them. Here they learn about your business, brand and or share the information they found on your website.

Hopefully, you answered their question(s) correctly they probably make a purchase.

A website is an extension of your personality. It should be a place you share your style and vision of your business. A place you shake hands the first time with your potential client. Moreover, where you make your first impression and showcase your business. And hopefully, your client has a great user experience on your website that keeps your client coming back.


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There are many domains available for you. Several platforms can help you find a proper Domain. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform, GoDaddy, Google, Bluehost, and Gatorhost to mention a few. I have personally used GoDaddy and Bluehost, but I recommend the SiteRubix Platform because it is a one-stop website builder. SiteRubix made it easy to switch all my websites to SiteRubix.



The above title is a phrase I learned from a carnival owner I know. He’d say that phrase all the time. He’d tell the flashing lights is how you draw the potential mark to spend their money. You know the drill, a man or woman standing in a booth with wildly flashing lights and enticing them to come to play their games of chance.

When you decide to build your website take into consideration a keyword to put in your web address. A keyword is an informative word used by people querying an information retrieval system to indicate the content of your business. By including a keyword in your Domain name is similar to hanging a business sign online to help people find you.

Domains online can be www: Yourwebsite.Com, www.yourwebsite.NET, and www.yourwebsite.NET. Of course the most familiar of these is the www.yourwebsite.COM. And you should opt for a.COM if it is available.


Ok, you are off to a good start. Now you are ready to set up your business email address. This step is an important one, so your website looks and feels professional helps with your with brand awareness. The example provided is how your business email address should look charlie@yourdomain.com.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this task. Here are a few to use the MailChimp, and Zoho mail. These email platforms are easy to set up and are easy to maintain. Your email is your way of staying in contact with potential customers, find and collect new leads. Also, it is a tool to drive more people to your website to drive sales.

The location of your contact email on your website should be placed at the footer of your pages. Always ask your customers to comment, ask questions or share their experience(s) about using your product or service depending on the type of business you have. You should include pertinent information like your business name, where you are located and a phone number.


The ABOUT US page is a synopsis of what your business provides, and what your company represents. An ABOUT PAGE shows what social media accounts you belong too. Moreover, short bio’s of all your staff and customer reviews to help new visitors. The ABOUT PAGE is your first contact with potential customers to learn about who you are and start gaining trust in using your site.


Your next business page is your opportunity to show visitors what makes your business different from the hundreds of other companies. Create a Business Page that visitors can interact with. The Business Page should let your visitors experience your service or product you are offering. It is a tool for your visitor to love the product or service you provide before they invest their hard earned money.


The Business Contact Page provides all the necessary contact information so you and your visitors can stay in contact. To create this Form, I recommend Sumo. Sumo has a variety of custom Contact Forms that you can use.

It is imperative that you don’t ask for too much information. Internet Privacy Rules endeavor to keep your visitors personal information as safe as possible.

The Contact Form I use only asks for their name and email address. Requiring more information than a name and email address might turn your visitor away and leaving money on the table.


Web Search Engines like Google and Bing are what you will use to help visitors find your web pages. For you to get the most out these Engines, your web pages should have descriptive words of what your business is.

Web Search Engines read your pages and select the words that best describes your business offering and use an algorithm to place your web pages in the appropriate location on the Web.

I am going to provide you with a short outline of what your web pages need to include.

Called the 5W’s:

  1. Who { your business}
  2. What {product or sevice}
  3. When { hours of operation}
  4. Where { location of your business}
  5. Why { why your business is unique – compared to others who offer the same services or product}

FAQ Page | Answer Questions

Another Page that helps your visitors is the FAQ Page ( frequently asked questions). The FAQ page supports visitors and can satisfy questions about your business, product or service that they have immediately.


The final check of your website to make sure your site is ready for the Search Engine and your visitors is to go over your Font sizes. Make sure your web pages are easy to read and understand, the colors you chose for your site. And the layout and design for the Search Engines to present your website consistently across the Web. So your website and pages look sharp and attractive.


In today’s online market place it is super simple to create a website. Moreover, in most cases, you can create a website for your business in just about an hour. And have it live on the internet in the following hour.

Your business website is your way of hanging your sign on the internet. So visitors can see the unique product or service you are offering.

If you follow the outline mentioned above, you will have a great start to making your business website a spectacular and inviting to place.

And hopefully, your visitors will be willing to visit and do business with you.

NOTE: If you need more information about building and maintaining a website go to;


If you have any questions or any comments about this post, please leave them below. I would love to hear them or help you out.



https://besthomebasedbusinesstostart.com/privacy-policy https://besthomebasedbusinesstostart.com/gdpr-requirements-cookie-and-tracking-law

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    You have delivered such a helpful and informative post website creation is seen as a plus to promoting products and services lately, for internet has made it easier to communicate faster and advert products or services. Creation of a website by any brand will also add to the quality and reliance on the products or services.

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  4. I would title this post as ABC of Website Designing. You simply made everything look so easy. From the perspective of a blogger, all I can say is that you have created an evergreen post that will serve many newbies for a long time on the internet. The website is an extension of every business, so it must be well structured to represent your brand. I just learned new words ‘No Flash No Cash’ thank you! It is short, but it conveys powerful meaning.

  5. Hi Kevin;

    For sure the website is the foundation of any online business, as an offline business, if the foundations are well done you have a high chance of success.

    Also if you want your Website to get high ranking you have to keep pumping high-quality content to your website and using low competition keywords.


  6. Initially before I was introduced to wealthy affiliate marketing, I have hard time creating a website and running it. I always think my website won’t be noticed among millions of websites out there let alone get ranked. But after getting the principles of how they work, creating and getting ranked becomes easier. 

    • Hello, Ayodeji, Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools you need to develop a sustainable income if you are willing to do the training.


  7. I love this kind of informative articles. Pure simple and comprehensive. So so good. There is no you want to have a home without an address because there is no way people will find you.  Same goes for having an online business without a website. How are you gonna be located or customers getting the sample of your product? So having a website is really key for successive business. I totally agree with you

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    This is an excellent article with all step by step guideline about websites and it’s importance in our life. I believe it will be helpful for all beginners who have not enough knowledge of websites and it’s business value. I also believe that your recommended SiteRubix Platform is a great tool for website building. I am going to share it with my friends. Thank you for writing this helpful tips.

    • Hello, Mzakapon, I am the poster child for Wealthy Affiliate. lol, I was a person with a limited online experience. The WA Platform helped me to build and manage an income producing website. I’ve learned so much here. The training and the support of the community are excellent for anyone wanting to learn. 


  9. I like the definition of what a website is in your first paragraph. it summarizes it all. Today if your business( online or offline) does not have a website, go get one else very soon you will be out of business. More businesses are being done online now than ever before and according to statistics, it is only bound to increase. It remains the surest way to make money online,  it might take a while though but it must surely deliver on its promise if done appropriately.

  10. I really I would love to have that online business which is thriving and doing well and you have shown me ways and the reason to make that online business. I have been struggling with my current employer and I am looking for ways to get out of this rat race of 9 to 6 and I feel you have a good plan on ways I can learn to build that thriving business. So let us dive into it!

  11. Hey Kevin,

    Great post! You have clearly define what a website is and how to choose a domain name, the type of web pages to be incorporated into a particular website. 

    However, if l use an Exact Match Domain Name (EMD) does it affect the search rankings and how can l use them without being penalized by Google.

    Thank you.

    Shui Hyen

    • Hello, Shui, The research that I did for this post What is a Website stated that in the past having an exact match domain was important. Today it doesn’t have a direct bearing on search ranking and penalties from Google. Which is nice, you can be as creative with your domain name as you want. So let your imagination go and find a domain name that fits your style.


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