Why Ignoring CUSTOMER SEVICE Will Cost You Time and Sales

What Do Customer’s Want?

Customer’s want a great product or service that makes their life simpler. How do you provide the best customer buying experience? You have to figure out what customers expect when they come and visit your business. And then use your customer service skills to provide that experience.

Customer service is a vital part of your business. Every visitor that lands on your website should feel that they have arrived at the answer to their problem. When they come is when you are going to be their guide to zero in on the solution(s) to their issue(s).

Offering Great Customer Service

How you approach your visitor(s) is crucial to converting them to customers. I have read that an internet customer will visit a site five to seven times before making a purchase.

shaking hands

This is the point where you’re making your first impression with the visitor(s). It’s essential that your website greets them with a smile and a handshake.

And the opportunity to show your customer what he can expect from you and how your business can accommodate them.

After you gain the trust of your customer through your customer service skills,

you will discover that providing these services not only retains current customers.

Moreover, it works to help you make more money and stand out among your competition.

Small Business v.s Large Business

Did you know customers prefer to deal with small businesses rather than a large corporation? It’s true; a customer feels that they are treated more like a number than a person as opposed to a small business where they work at keeping a face with the name. And feel that a small business is more accountable for their actions.

The relationship you build with your customer is why they are willing to do business with you. Of course, this is dependent upon the type of customer service you provide them.

And they prefer to do business with a familiar face rather than a large company where they feel like a number. To put this more in perspective think about how you feel when you go to one of those big box stores — hundreds of aisles and no staff there to assist you when you have a question. Your shopping experience becomes frustrating, and most times you will leave and go down the street and buy your goods there.

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your customer service is poor. A customer will go somewhere else and even pay a little more if they receive excellent service.

Steps To Improve Your Customer Service

person climbing steps

The first step to excellent customer service is making sure your customer service is consistent throughout the entire buying process.

Taking the time to write down a standardized customer service guidelines and then have you and your employees all working from the same directions.

It is imperative to follow these guidelines no matter if your customer contacts you by phone, social media, or text. You must consider how each medium is used for your business and figuring out the easiest way for your customer to receive this service. Customer communication is where most business large and small fall short.

Customer Contact

A study conducted in the UK and USA found that 41 percent of companies don’t acknowledge or respond to customers. While other businesses don’t react at all confirming they received any communication. Also, the report showed that nine out of ten emails didn’t get a response. Not responding or acknowledging customer contact is leaving money on the table.

Fix Customer Contact with Email Automation

Customers are just as busy as you. So don’t leave them wondering. Make it a daily routine to go through your emails and answering them as quickly as possible.

One option to fixing this problem is to set up an automated email responder. The one that I use is MailChimp. MailChimp is free to get started and is simple to set up.

point of contact

What an email autoresponder does is when a customer contacts you by email MailChimp will confirm with an email that the email was received.

You are automatically sending the customer a greeting email. The email you send will have all the pertinent information about business hours, phone number or email addresses — the customer service representative who is handling their order if they have any other questions or concerns. And then the email responder notifies you that you have mail.

All customer responses should be prompt. If you fail to answer inquiries, customers will leave and contact another business who will — not reaching out to them they might assume your store is out of business. And you don’t want that to happen. Don’t you agree?

So give your customers several ways to contact you. Allowing them to use what means is most convenient for them. Customers come in a variety of ages and support for your customers needs to address these options.

Customers might contact you by phone, social media, email, text, or live chat. The key here is to have consistent customer service throughout the buying process. No matter which media they decide to talk to you.

Problem Solver

Customers love the fact of finding the answers to their problems on their own. A study found that 71 percent of consumers were able to resolve issues using the information they located on your website online.

FAQ Page (frequently asked questions)

There are a couple of things you can do to help the customer find answers before reaching out to you — a (FAQ) or frequently asked question page. In most cases, the answer they are seeking has already answered on this page. The FAQ page is a tool they can use when you are closed to find a solution.

Reviews of Products or Services

Reviews are a powerful technique for customers to see how well your product or service stands out. They can answer a customers question and share answers.

Always monitor the posted reviews on your site. You are taking the time to answer all concerns whether positive or negative. Here is your opportunity to see how your product or service is doing — learning about your customer’s experiences when they do business with you. And how you can improve upon that experience.

Personalizing customer service is essential. By personalizing the customer experience, you will already be doing more than the customer expects. Most customers (70 percent) express that they don’t look for personalized service.

You are getting to know your customer and personalize your service by collecting data on how they buy. By tracking data and point of sale, loyalty programs are all part of building customer relationship management.

Data Research

data research

The information that you collect on your customers is used to fine-tune your business approach. Set up reminders for you and your customers such as your customer profile, shipping dates and check out information, or a follow-up email with the name and address — example, the colors they love, dietary restrictions, etc.

Recording the intimate details about your customers will help you develop a better relationship with them. Moreover, it will help you retain customers and make more money.


Meeting your customer’s expectations is the key to keeping them happy. The market is ever-changing, and your customer evolves with those market changes.

Using the data collected on each customer will supply you the opportunities to fine-tune the customer experience. Personalize your customer relationship by using their names on emails, text, phone calls, and live chat. Supply them with several ways to contact you and then reply promptly.

As your business grows and customer increase set up an email autoresponder to help with the workload. Bottom line excellent customer service doesn’t happen by itself. It takes time and dedication to your customer’s.

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